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Allergen information

Got a query about allergens in any of our products? 


Please ask a member of staff who will be happy to look up the ingredients of any of our homemade products in our encyclopedia of ingredients.


Many of our recipes are nut-free (or free of other named allergens) but we do not manufacture in a nut-free environment.


Ice cream: our ice cream scoops are rinsed between scoops.  Please ask if you would like the scoop to be more thoroughly washed before serving your ice cream – this may be of help to those with a particular gluten, nut or dairy allergy.  We are unable to guarantee absolutely the non-contamination of ice creams or sorbets since they are all manufactured in the same kitchen, and all sit in the same serving cabinet. 









Need information on allergens in our products?


Please ask

a member of staff 












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